5 Essential Apps For Any Android Phone

5 Essential Apps For Any Android Phone


There are five vital applications that every Android user should have, regardless of whether they have a new or old phone. Dropbox, Plex, Snapseed, and Pocket are on the list. Each has benefits of its own. For instance, the first one offers a location search inside the program. A spam-blocking system is an additional These are cost-free, user-friendly programs that are devoid of unnecessary extras from third parties.


For Android devices, there is a file-sharing program called Dropbox. You may upload files from your PC and access them from anywhere using this app on your phone. Video and picture uploads are also possible. You may even do a word or phrase search within a PDF file. Any files you post may also be downloaded quickly. 

Dropbox has a simple, user-friendly design and is simple to use. Along with files from your computer or desktop software, it enables you to submit files from your phone. Other Dropbox users may also exchange files with you. The program comes with a public folder that is accessible to everyone, and you can also create shared folders with certain people.


A video streaming program called Plex provides free streaming of anything, including movies and TV episodes. Podcasts are also included. Podcasts are recordings of diverse media that are solely audible. An easy option to access these programs is provided by Plex, even if many of them are also accessible through other providers. 

Both desktop PCs and mobile devices can run Plex. Users may view and distribute multimedia information from their PCs thanks to it. The Plex app runs on Android, iOS, and Linux and is simple to use. Additionally, it works with Smart TVs. More than 500 million people use it, and many users still suggest it. 

Plex helps manage your movie and audio libraries. Your iTunes and iPhoto collections are instantly recognized and arranged into libraries. Additionally, it may download images and text descriptions while scanning subdirectories. You may even use it to manage your offline music collection.


A pocket is a terrific option for you if you want to read articles while you’re on the move. The software supports many languages and offers text-to-speech functionality. Additionally, you may alter the reading’s pitch and tempo. Additionally, you may download and view articles offline. 

One of the most popular read-it-later programs available is Pocket. It enables you to store articles from any website so that you may read them later on without being interrupted. All platforms, including Android, iOS, and PC, are supported by the service. Your content is organized neatly and categorized for faster searching. You may also eliminate the app’s advertisements with Pocket’s $5 monthly membership service.


You can edit your photos using features in Snapseed to make them look better. Crop, rotate, and sharpness and contrast adjustments are among its capabilities. Additionally, you may use it to adjust a photo’s perspective and get rid of any little things that could have diminished its attractiveness. You may choose how to save your altered image using the export tab. The image may be saved as either a brand-new one or a duplicate of an earlier one. You can add filters to Snapseed as well. 

The free program Snapseed supports JPEG, RAW, and DNG picture formats. 29 filters and tools are available. Additionally, the program provides tools for lining up pictures with three-dimensional models. It is accessible straight from Google Play and is free of advertisements and in-app purchases. It works with Android 4.4 and later.

Player VLC

VLC Player has to be installed on your Android device if you wish to play music or videos. This app is available for download from the Play Store. Search for the app in the search box and click the download button to install it. VLC will be installed automatically and the download process will start. The program may then be launched from the home screen or app drawer. The powerful media player VLC can play a wide range of media files. Additionally, the program has undergone several changes that make it more user-friendly. 

VLC offers an Android TV-like user interface. Both the audio and video are at 1080p. The player may alter the aspect ratio and play subtitles. Despite being a fantastic multimedia player, the app is missing several crucial functions, including a media control button. For individuals who don’t want to download the program, VLC Tiny is an option. Finally, you can read more reviews about apps for Android phones on bestreviewlist.com or listofreview.com for more useful knowledge for your life.

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