They pay almost 40,000 euros for a 1st Generation iPhone in its original unopened box

It was different in the sense of the conditions in which it was. And it is that this 1st Generation iPhone, that is to say, the first Apple smartphone, was in its original box and fully sealed, which is no longer to be found.

unique conditions

And it is that the value of this device comes because it is almost impossible to find a 1st Generation iPhone in that state, and that is why it has reached a price of 39,950 euros. This model can be considered a collector’s item since it was the company’s first smartphone, the first generation of what is the world’s most popular phone.

Although not surprisingly, these phones are far behind any other smartphone today; this is because these phones have a maximum capacity of 16 GB and a 2-megapixel camera.

In addition, another aspect that certifies that this product is in its original packaging is that only 12 app icons are seen in the box because the thirteenth (iTunes) was included sometime after this model was launched on the market.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that something like this has happened, and this year, LGC Auctions also auctioned another 1st Generation iPhone in its original and unopened packaging. On this occasion, they sold it for about 35,380 more or less; there is no doubt that it has been profitable for these people to wait since buying it for 499 euros to sell it 15 years later for thousands of euros is a solid business.

It has been in an auction organized by LGC Auctions where a user has bought Generation iPhone in its original packaging and sealed fit for 39,993 dollars (which is e to 39,950 euros more or less).

iPhones are one of many people’s most desired electronic devices; some only want the latest model available (the iPhone 14), while others settle for slightly older and, therefore, cheaper versions.

But today, no one expected that the most expensive iPhone of this year was not the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and that is that any other model released in 2007 would not sell for more than 30 euros, but the product offered by LGC Auctions it was different.

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