Where to host a site that takes up a lot of disk space?

Every webmaster often faces the question of choosing a place to host a new web project. For most users, standard shared hosting or VPS is suitable. But what to do when the project takes up too much disk space and does not fit into the limitations of standard tariff plans? Zomro provided an additional option for such sites and created a separate service- VPS/VDS with large storage.

VPS/VDS servers are currently one of the best options for implementing various projects, from small blogs to promising startups. Such a resource is quite economical – the rates are really low, and it is convenient that you can always ask for help and settings. One of the significant advantages of the service is that you do not need to get hung up on the technical side of the issue, paying attention only to your own project.

However, if we are talking about a really promising project that will have significant growth in the future according to the business plan, then a sufficient amount of server memory should be provided. The best option for both website developers and large business projects is to use just such versions. This will allow you to actively develop an online store or other resources with a high level of traffic in any functionality. It is important that all data will also be saved, and the server will be ready for a significant increase in load – you can not limit yourself in marketing campaigns.

Large Storage Service Options

Such a service has recently gained popularity not only among world-famous providers but also among local services. Expanding the list and scope of services is the shortest way to increase the number of grateful customers. When it comes to those planning to expand significantly in the near future, this is a good opportunity to show their loyalty. Among those who offer the best conditions for recipients of VPS / VDS services is the ZOMRO provider, since it has tariffs specially designed for tasks with maximum needs.
What users can get:

  • sufficiently high speed, and most importantly – the stability of the Internet;
  • up to 100Gb SSD can be allocated for data storage;
  • the site will work quite efficiently, because it is provided with more than 2048 MB of RAM;
  • the provider pays the greatest attention to the security of every step, from connecting to transferring data and financial information. Anti-virus databases are constantly updated and backed up.

It is ZOMRO that offers a choice of tariffs for the respective operating systems from a wide range of popular Linux and Windows Server distributions. In the event of technical difficulties, the company has enough resources to promptly come to the aid of each client and help select the optimal functions for the best functioning of the resource.


Why choose ZOMRO?

To create its own line of tariffs, the company conducted a thorough study of the market and customer needs, so now it knows exactly what they need:

  • Extended terms of domain use – at least one year;
  • modern and secure SSL certificates for each site;
  • fast and high-quality transfer of the site to the server with the preservation of each letter;
    the level of service is divided into several priorities;
  • modern round-the-clock support service;
  • dedicated resources guaranteed high performance, which is enough for all the most daring ideas.

And, of course, the highest level of security, which is constantly being developed and updated to protect each resource from unauthorized interference.

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