What Are Social Media Walls? How Can They Engage Your Audience?

No event in the present day is possible without a hashtag campaign. The impact of social media is everywhere, and hashtags make it tick. But there is more to hashtags than just social media in the form of social media walls.

Using hashtags, one can create a brilliant media wall that would serve numerous benefits in consumer engagement, social proof, authenticity, brand awareness, increase in sales, etc. 

Now must be intrigued about knowing more about a social media wall offering so much to its creators. So, let’s understand  media walls in detail.

Explanation: Social Media Wall

A social media wall is a real-time representation of social media content created by people on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. This content in images, videos, and testimonials is gathered through hashtags, handles, etc. 

A social media wall is beneficial across multiple business touch points such as websites, social events, email campaigns, e-commerce stores, etc. For example, social events can be used at product launches, music concerts, weddings, corporate events, and virtual events.

Ideas Around Social Media Walls

Spread Awareness With Industry News

One of the best methods to captivate visitors at a fashion, tech, or any other event is compellingly presenting industry-related knowledge to them.

For them to learn about all the trends in that particular industry. You can give the information by putting the data up on the live social wall. Use hashtags to gather all the news and information about your business, or mix your original content into social feeds.

Make your social wall more interactive and educational by including news because people prefer to watch and read compelling material happening in real time worldwide.

Your attendees’ enthusiasm and interest will grow as a result. At the very least, it will encourage people to engage with your event and keep their devices out of their pockets

Encourage Attendees To Interact

Make sure you provide people with free time to network in person and online. “Virtual happy hour”: arrange one. While everyone is online, attendees can look through their contact lists and make new connections.

Users can quickly start individual or group interactions with one another via chats. Think about creating an interactive post where you pose amusing queries on an Activity Feed post to encourage comments and interaction.

Even though some guests are in person, communicating online might be more convenient. Viewing attendees’ profiles is especially helpful for establishing rapport and recalling relationships.

Incorporate Gamification

When you gamify your event, both physical and virtual guests will find it more enjoyable and competitive.

To encourage friendly rivalry among your audience, use activity challenges. Give your viewers points to encourage participation in contests. Give participants 10 points, for instance, each time they trade real or virtual business cards with someone else. Allow them to accumulate points toward a variety of prizes.

Alternatively, think about holding a photo contest on your Activity Feed. The participant with the highest-liked photo with the hashtag for your event will receive a gift bag.

Engage the Audience With Quizzes

You can give your event a fun, competitive element by including trivia and quizzes during the event. You can prepare questions and hold an examination on subjects of interest for your attendees. This concept works well for business-related subjects. In addition, it helps to build interest during a webinar and serves as a terrific way to introduce like-minded people.

Display User-Generated Content

Find out about your event using relevant #hashtags or mentions. Then, choose the content you want to be featured on your social media wall like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram wall for events, etc. It will enhance attendees’ perceptions of the event and inspire them to share their experiences on media, thus expanding the event’s audience.

A live social media feed might be one of the most acceptable methods to show off user-generated content during virtual events and live streaming sessions. For example, you can organize information using hashtags from various accounts and show it as a live social media wall feed on a large digital screen to create your own personalized social media wall.

User-generated content is versatile and may be used for various occasions, including conferences, seminars, product launches, etc. These walls can accomplish great things when modestly exhibited to vast online audiences. It builds up your solid social media presence and broadens the participation and exposure of your virtual event.

Run Contests

One of the most inventive methods of engagement for social events is the contest. To arrange a perfect contest, all you have to do is take into account the specifics and a present or something else. It can be as simple as requesting your attendees to upload personal photos or photos of their surroundings while participating in your virtual conference as user-generated content. Additionally, you can make interesting polls, pose queries, or do anything else pertinent to such alternatives.

Offer Live Streaming & On-Demand Content

Your event will feel urgent and dynamic with a well-planned itinerary that includes live speakers and webinars, which can boost attendance. However, you should also provide on-demand content for your audience to view in your virtual or hybrid event.

Attendees just cannot observe or participate in every presentation. Sometimes they simply can’t because of their schedules or attention spans. You may help participants study at their own pace and get the most out of your event by including on-demand content.

Create A Signature Wall

The creation of a distinctive signature wall is another amazing idea. Your attendees’ signatures will be on the wall. In addition to posting signs, they can write a note or talk about the event. Simply create a virtual memory wall as a novel interaction element.

Wrapping Up

Social Media walls have captured every marketer’s attention in recent years because they offer marketers precisely what they want. However, running a social media wall is a task that requires knowledge and expertise. These ideas we shared in this blog will help you create an engaging social media wall that would engage your audience. So get started straight away

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