We tested The Free Style, the Samsung projector with which you can watch movies even on the ceiling

Samsung is much more than ‘smartphones,’ tablets, televisions, and computers. The South Korean company has decided that 2022 is an excellent year to get into the home projector business, the kind with which you can turn your living room into a small cinema. Its first bet within the segment comes with The FreeStyle hand in hand, a device with small dimensions and high image resolution that shines, especially for its ingenious design and versatility.

And it is that the cylinder-shaped projector, which can currently be found for prices that range between 800 and 900 euros (we will come to this later), can be projected in any direction. If you want to watch a movie on the clearest wall you have in your home; you can. If you can’t find a hole beyond the ceiling of your room, no problem. You can rotate the device up to 180 degrees, and the image will automatically adjust based on the distance from it.

This is possibly the main virtue of FreeStyle. Well, that and its compact size, just 17 centimeters in height and about 10 in diameter, makes it an easy-to-carry gadget. Ideal, therefore, to take on vacation and kill hours at night in the cool. In addition, it is perfectly compatible with portable batteries.

Once we connect the device for the first time and start projecting, we will find the interface designed by Samsung, which allows us to download ‘apps’ such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, or HBO Max. It also offers a handful of free movies and TV channels. Beyond this, the projector has Bluetooth, so we can link it with any of our local devices to display the content we want.

In addition to a USB-C port to connect it to the mains or an external battery, the device has an HDMI input, which can be used to connect a player or a game console. Perhaps one more entry would have been excellent, especially for users with multiple consoles. Something that happens with many devices of this type that, in addition, have lower prices.

Device configuration is straightforward. Once turned on, the projector can adjust the image automatically based on how far away it is from the surface it is projecting on. Although in ABC, we have had to make manual adjustments through the control accompanying it to improve the resolution.

The size of the projected image varies depending on how far the FreeStyle is from the surface it is projecting onto. If it is placed 2.5 meters from the wall, the image reaches 100 inches. The minimum is 30, achieved by placing the ‘gadget’ about 80 centimeters.

Lots of quality, but is it enough?

The device can offer good image quality even in situations where the darkness is far from total, as seen in the images below.

Although obviously, the less natural light there is in the place where we project, the better everything will go. There are also no complaints about the sound, which is immersive and quite good. However, if we have good speakers at home that are well-distributed, we will get audio more similar to what we would have in a movie theater.

During the days we have been testing it, we have verified that the device is quiet. There is only slight background noise, barely perceptible, while it is working. Yes, it gets hot, obviously, but that’s completely normal in this type of ‘gadget.’

The maximum resolution it reaches is FHD; therefore, forget about 4K, which could well be available in a device close to 1,000 euros in stores. The light source is DLP and reaches 550 LEDs. In order with much more affordable projectors.

The image, as we say, is good; we don’t mind it, but the price may be somewhat high due to the resolution and brightness offered by The FreeStyle. Even considering that it is a very comfortable and easy-to-use device, it is furiously ingenious at the design level.


As with everything, it depends. The projector has many virtues; however, the user has at his disposal devices that offer an image quality that is close to a price much lower than that of the Samsung cylinder. They will not be as manageable and intelligent as FreeStyle, but they can meet expectations.

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