This is the last feature that YouTube could do for a fee

YouTube continues to insist that its paid version, YouTube Premium, is worth it, Since it cannot do so with exclusive functions and tools of this platform, it has decided to pay for one of the best functions offered in its free version, 4K resolution, Or at least that’s what the rumours say.

The Premium version of YouTube is a much more complete platform than the free version, and for 11.9 euros per month, the ads in the app disappear; you can download videos and try all the new features before they come out.

This service offers many extras but has not yet caught on as the company hopedFor that reason, YouTube is trying to convince us that we’re better off going Premium, and as one Reddit user has discovered and posted, they’re pushing us to do so.

And it is that as this user shows in a screenshot, in the video resolution quality selector, the option of 2160 p (4K) is blocked, and it says that it is only available for Premium. This is the best resolution that the platform offers, so if it is true that YouTube is planning to do it, we would be condemned to lower-quality videos.

Although this is not only a bad thing for the vast majority of users of this platform, it is the content creators who are the most affected since they will continue to record their videos with the best possible resolution and invest money in it so that then his followers cannot enjoy that same quality.

It should be noted that this problem would be suffered more by those who use YouTube on televisions or computers since most mobile phones do not have 4K resolution. Although it is not necessary to raise your hands to your head yet, since the company has not officially announced this change, it may not happen.

This discovery could be one of the tests YouTube does to check the public’s reaction and assess whether it is worth it. Just a few weeks ago, something similar happened; a user reported that before watching a video, he had to watch 10 ads in a row without being able to skip them and of course, the criticism was not long in coming.

Within a few hours, the platform was rectifying and excusing itself that it was just a test; we will have to wait to see if this case is the same or if we will lose the 4K resolution of the free service.

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