The Google Pixel 7a aims to keep the best of Google mobiles

We already know what the future Google Pixel 7a will be like, at least if the forecasts of the Onleaks leaks at Smartprix are met, which has exclusively published several renders and has revealed most of its features. It is a highly recognized filter, which has maintained very high reliability to this day.

As we might expect, we would be facing a mid-range, since it is the A series. Fortunately, it will also repeat several of the features that have made the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro some of the best high-end of the year.

Although the leaks have already started, Google isn’t expected to officially unveil the Pixel 7a until at least Google I/O 2023, which is usually dated around May. We will have to see if Google decides to put it on sale at that time or if we have to wait until summer to be able to have a mid-range with the characteristics of Google.

What we know about the Google Pixel 7a

The information details that the Pixel 7a will have an aspect quite similar to the Pixel 7, although with dimensions equivalent to those that the Pixel 6a now has. It seems that the telephony strategy is working for Google since at the moment it does not seem interested in changing it.

We would have a mobile measuring 152.4 x 72.9 x 9.0 mm, which would increase in thickness to 10.1 mm if we take into account the protrusion of the rear camera. By comparison, the Pixel 7 is somewhat thinner but also larger. On an aesthetic level, the difference is in the edges, somewhat wider in the Pixel 7a .

According to rumors, the Pixel 7a will come with a FullHD + screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, manufactured by Samsung. Inside we would have a Tensor 2 processor, although it is unknown how much RAM we will have.

We do not know the storage options or the battery either, although no big surprises are expected there. It would come with a new addition since the Pixel 7a would be the first in the series to have wireless charging, something reserved for its older brothers until now.

But of course, the great advantage of the Pixel 7a will be its camera. The Pixel 7a will include a rear camera with IMX787 and IMX712 sensors. That is the same 50 and 12-megapixel camera that we have in the Pixel 7. A surprising camera for the high-end range and that in a mid-range can be a real blow against the competition.

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