The Common MS Outlook Error Messages and Their Solutions

MS Outlook is one of the most famous email clients in the world. Business owners and users rely on MS Outlook to send and receive different types of emails and attachments. Not only MS Outlook is an email application, but it also comes with numerous versatile features such as creating appointments, meetings, notes, tasks, etc. But sometimes users face problems that prevent them from accessing the application or mailbox items. The problems happen due to software malfunction as well as the failure of the application to launch properly.

The error messages of MS Outlook are dependent on the problems you’re facing. Error messages will not only cause Outlook to stop working properly, but they can also corrupt the data files. Here are the common MS Outlook data messages and their solutions you need to know.

Failing to Open the Default Email Folders 

Sometimes when you open MS Outlook, it will showcase an error message that reads the default email folders of the MS Outlook account cannot be opened. This is one type of msncon.dll error that will refer to issues with the MS Outlook Hotmail Connector add-in. This means that the error message of MS Outlook is associated with Outlook Hotmail. This tool is provided by MS developers to manage and access the LIVE, MSN, and Hotmail accounts through Outlook.

Improper installation of MS Outlook might be the primary cause of this problem. If the Outlook Hotmail Connector is not installed in your system properly, the account might still be configured with Outlook. In such cases, here are the options you need to remember:

  • Install the Hotmail Connector again
  • Remove the Hotmail account from your profile

The Connection to MS Exchange Server is Unavailable 

Keep in mind that MS Outlook errors are complicated to resolve, particularly this one. When you encounter this error message, it will read that the MS Exchange Server connection is unreliable and Outlook must be offline. As this is one of the most common MS Outlook error messages, you might encounter this often.

Improper data connection might be the cause of this problem. Consider using the Telnet protocol to test the effectiveness of the SMTP connection. But sometimes the Outlook data files might be locked and they might cause this problem. When the Outlook data files such as PST and OST files are locked accidentally, this problem will occur. Make sure you use a reputed outlook repair tool to solve this problem.

MS Outlook is Unable to Connect to the Proxy Server 

Sometimes MS Outlook will use an HTTPS connection or RPC connection to connect to the server. As per Cloud Flare, HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. In such cases, you will encounter an error message. Numerous reasons are responsible for this error message such as:

  • A proper certification authority is needed to connect to the MS Outlook server
  • The certificates are cancelled or invalid.
  • The impact of the third-party add-ins
  • The name of the site is irrelevant to the matching certificate

If you want to fix this problem, make sure you examine this certificate properly. If you notice any problem, contact the system administrator and they will solve the problem. Apart from that, don’t forget to install the trusted root certificate. You also need to disable any untrusted 3rd party add-ins as they will slow down your system.

Cannot Start MS Outlook Application 

MS Outlook might face some unexpected errors which can cause severe problems as well as corruption. When MS Outlook fails to start, the folders and data files will also become inaccessible. There are many reasons associated with MS Outlook errors. The file that is dependent on the Navigation Panel Settings might be corrupted. This is why you might be receiving this message.

If you notice that the size of the XML file is 0KB, it will indicate that the PST files are corrupted. If you want to solve this problem, run the command prompt of your computer and press Win+R. When the prompt is opened, type Outlook.exe /resetvanpane and Enter. If this trick failed to work, make sure you consider the following options:

  • Ensure the MS Outlook is not operating in compatibility mode.
  • Take a close look at your MS Outlook profile. If your profile is too old or you’re using an older version of MS Outlook, consider creating a new MS Outlook profile.
  • Don’t uninstall and reinstall the MS Outlook application often.
  • Determine whether the PST files are corrupted and whether corrupted data files are the primary cause of this problem.

PST Repair Tool 

It doesn’t matter which type of MS Outlook error message you encounter, most of the time the corrupted PST files are the primary cause behind them. Even though MS developers offer ScanPST tools to tackle the corrupted PST files, they aren’t effective at solving large corruption. This is why you should use a reputed PST file repair tool that will help you fix the corrupted data files and retrieve essential mailbox items.

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These are the common MS Outlook error messages as well as their solutions. Make sure you let us know if you have any other questions.


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