The 12 cheapest mass-produced cars in history

The cheapest mass-produced cars of all prices have been sold. However, today we want to delve into those that were affordable for all or the vast majority, although their quality was sometimes somewhat doubtful.

Buying a car can be a considerable investment and, on many occasions, decapitalization can leave you shivering, but not everyone can afford to buy a new car or even sometimes a used car in today’s economy.

Between down payments, monthly payments, or gas and then car insurance, sometimes it’s impossible to cope with this novelty. One of the big problems is that if you need to get somewhere, public transport sometimes doesn’t go where you need to, the cheapest mass-produced cars so it is necessary to have a car no matter what.

However, various manufacturers in the automotive world have tried to develop solutions to meet the daily needs of people. And it is that there are many brands and models of different sizes and colors available to choose from for a laughable cost and that was available to consumers.

Here is a list of the cheapest mass-produced cars in history so that you can see that there were options, although yes, at present it is another separate topic.


One of their most popular models for decades was the LeMans. This car had nothing to do with the models that the brand was used to launching on the market and for many, it was a great disappointment as a vehicle, but of course, it was cheap.

The main complaints were the huge gaps in the panels and the terrible quality of the interior. The price in 1994 was about $8,000 today. Although it wasn’t the cheapest car of its time, it was very close, and it should be noted that it was on MotorTrend’s list of the worst cars of the 80s.

Ford Model-T

When Henry Ford rolled the first Model T out of the factory in 1908, it sparked a revolution in automobile manufacturing, creating the concept of “cheap cars. ” This novelty was also very successful and the cars sold very quickly.

The starting price for a Model T was a reasonable $850, but Henry Ford wanted it lower, so he brought it down to as low as $260. Unthinkable today.

Trabant 601

Due to the era that Germany was going through during the 1960s to the 1990s, manufacturing costs were spared in every part of this car, from the basic design of its engine to the absence of accessories.

The body is made of Duroplast, a type of plastic made from resin and recycled cotton, and even though we all think it was cheap (which it was), it wasn’t quite affordable. It cost $3,000, which, even though it is very little, was too large an outlay for the time.

Geo Subway

In the 1970s and 1980s, competition from Japanese imports was so great that you had to answer for it. Among the cars was the Metro, a small economy car made by Suzuki, which GM owned.

Despite its cheap reputation, the Metro managed to have a great reputation and reliability despite being made with the cheapest on the market.

Tata Nano

One of the industrial giants in the Indian subcontinent is Tata motors, which developed a car that went on sale in 2008 and intended to be affordable for all Indians: the Nano. The idea was to create a car that was priced low enough that families who used scooters for transportation could make the jump to a car.

So it was. Priced at $2,500, it seemed to be within their reach, but it seems they turned it down because of its “cheap” appearance, preferring to stick with their scooters instead.

GV Yoke

This car was a new affordable transportation option for those who agreed to trade some comforts for driving. Air conditioning was not available and the only electrical accessory was the engine starter.

Priced to sell wholesale from Yugoslavia at $2,000, this one ultimately came to near nothing. And it is that, almost immediately, reports of poor quality and failed crash tests destroyed his reputation.

Crosley Convertible

We are facing a tiny car, with a two-cylinder engine, the most basic bodywork, and a removable canvas roof. It was not a sales success at first, with just over 2,000 vehicles sold, but the car company held on until 1952.

We are talking about a sale price of 300 dollars.

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