Strategies for incorporating employer branding into your event, with examples

It is not difficult to find examples of employer branding. However, it can be difficult to borrow them without resorting to the more extreme measure of stealing them. Fortunately, we are here to assist you in any way we can. We’ve compiled ten outstanding examples of employer branding campaigns, along with some pointers on how you might use them to host an employer branding event that will be remembered for all the right reasons.


The Importance of Building a Strong Employer Brand

Employers have a difficult time finding and recruiting new talent in this day and age, when information is available to everyone everywhere. Nevertheless, employer branding is an essential component of the answer to this issue. Employer branding activities present and emphasize the advantages that come with working for a certain company or organization. This not only provides prospective employees with an idea of what it is like to work for a company, but it also encourages a positive work culture among employees who are already employed there.


The majority of recruiters (86%) feel that the hiring process is becoming more similar to marketing.


[1] There was a race among all brands to see which could garner the most positive publicity. In addition to this, research conducted by Glassdoor reveals that 84 percent of people looking for work acknowledge the significance of an organization’s track record as an employer. 


[2] There is no room for debate regarding the significance of projecting a powerful and upbeat image as an employer.


Case Studies of Employer Branding in Action

Managers of employer brands have access to a wide variety of tools for use in the execution of employer branding campaigns. The following are the best practices for employer branding that are most commonly used:


Testimonials from Staff Members This is, and will continue to be, the most important one. “candidates trust the company’s employees three times more than the company to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there,” stated a recent report published by LinkedIn. [3]

Office and Location of the Workplace These two items are the highlights of the company. Ensure that their actions are consistent with the ethos of the firm.

Perks & Benefits. Take full advantage of the healthcare perks, the sports club memberships, and the company breakfasts. They are not the most essential benefits, but they can make a difference for a candidate who is trying to decide between two different offers that are otherwise comparable.

Company Culture. Unspoken things, such as the culture of the organization, have a tendency to “leak” outside. The behaviors of the entire team are what contribute to the culture of the company, but management is the one who sets the tone for that culture. At 6Connex, we foster a collaborative and innovative environment by leveraging our virtual event platform.

Company Events. Internal and external employer branding events are the two types of events that can take place. Internal events are a terrific way to bring the team closer together and demonstrate to individuals that you care about them. The external ones are the ideal platform upon which to brag a little bit and disseminate information about the company’s culture to prospective employees.

Awards. People gain the incentive necessary to continue their growth when they win awards. You may make intelligent use of them as an organization, and the benefits will accrue to you 10 times more.


Examples of the Most Successful Employer Branding Campaigns and Suggestions for How to Steal Their Ideas

Who exactly is the master of employment branding?


#1 Google: The Undisputed Leader When It Comes to Employer Branding

The employer brand that Google has established is one of the best in the world. The business is well-known for the positive way in which it interacts with its workforce, as well as for its skill in developing compelling value propositions for employers. The organization receives around three million resumes each year, but out of those, they hire only seven thousand new staff members. When you consider that a corporation will go to considerable lengths to earn the title of employer of the year, this makes a lot of sense. Innumerable advantages, an office environment modeled after a campus, effective management, and a host of other factors are all directly responsible for Google’s success in recruiting top-tier employees.


Even Google has its very own production company in Hollywood. The story of two people in their forties who find work at Google is told in the 2013 film The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. It goes without saying that it was without a doubt one of the most successful employer branding projects of the year.


Despite the fact that the movie did not earn the best reviews (6.3 out of 10 on IMDB), it is still one of the most audacious and risky employer branding projects. The culture of the company as well as its guiding concept are presented quite effectively in the film.


What applications can you find for this idea?

Organize a day of open doors and ask students and anyone who might be interested in working for the company to come check it out. Show them what a typical day looks like at your company by giving them a sneak peek at it. Organize your job in such a way that certain staff will be able to describe what they are doing and the obstacles they face on a regular basis to visitors. Pick a time of the week when prospective workers may get the most out of their exposure to the organizational culture that is currently in place at your business. Maintaining one’s authenticity throughout the course of this method is an essential component. Guests will soon pick up on any acting or staging that is taking place.


You need to make sure that both your company and your event are well publicized in order to attract a significant number of individuals who are interested in meeting with you. A film fashioned after the style of a movie trailer, for instance, can be helpful. Content that is funny has the potential to become viral and is easily accessible via social media.


Engineers with a Sense of Humor at Number Two: GE

When the Dow Jones was first established in 1896, General Electric was one of the first businesses to be included. After making the transition to the digital world, the corporation was forced to confront a new era, and they did so after traveling a considerable distance. The comedic exploits of a young engineer who was unable to convey to others around him the nature of his work were depicted in the film series titled “What’s the Matter with Owen,” which ran for three features.


It goes without saying that this is a striking parallel to the concept of a “digital firm that is also an industrial company.” The straightforward manner in which this Methuselah of internet enterprises approached the problem conveyed exactly the proper message. The young engineers have no trouble empathizing with the slightly awkward Owen, and as a result, they can readily relate to General Electric.


How might you put this notion to use?

When you are hosting an event, you need to ensure that you are able to describe the work that your firm does in a way that is easily understood by potential employees.


To begin, you are going to require the audience profile. Build your personas by gathering data from prior events and the HR department, then doing an analysis of that data. Utilize the data from the event tech software if at all possible in order to perform a demographic analysis of the audience members who attended the previous events.


The next step is to adapt your method of contact to the kind of candidates you are interested in. Make it something that people can relate to and comprehend. Do not address the engineers as if they were attending a meeting of a book club, and do not speak to the aspiring bankers as if they were in the fifth grade.


The third spot goes to Salesforce, which has been recognized as one of the best workplaces in the world for multiple years in a row.

“Ohana” is the Hawaiian word for family, and Salesforce uses this term to refer to both their team members and their customers. It is also a clever allusion to one of the most well-known films produced by Disney, Lilo & Stich. Some of us are still capable of getting choked up when we hear the phrase “ohana means family.”


The second portion of the quotation is as follows: “Family means no one is left behind or forgotten.” [Citation needed] What a wonderful quality it is to impart to others. Salesforce was awarded the title of the #1 World’s Best Workplace for numerous years in a row thanks to its successful efforts to cultivate a vibrant community around the business.


Ohana family reunions, which are internal employer branding events where employees may unwind and mingle in a semi-formal atmosphere, are organized as part of Salesforce’s employer branding operations, and they are an essential component of these activities.


What applications can you find for this idea?

On occasion, you should throw a party for your employees. Make preparations in advance, just like you would for any other occasion. Collect some feedback on the dates that might work best, and determine how many individuals are interested in attending. Conduct a venue search that is driven by the collected data by first asking questions using an online registration form to obtain data that is standardized, easy to sort, and quick to evaluate. Make advantage of this information when creating the event’s budget as well. Instead of going with your own instincts, providing your COO with data will make them happy.


#4 Zappos – A Sneak Peak

This retailer is killing it on all of the various social media platforms. Their Instagram account, which is called @ZapposCulture, is loaded with photographs and videos that show what it’s like to work for the company behind the scenes. For instance, the company released information about their Halloween costume contest, in addition to a number of other workplace events, employee images, and employee tales. They also use it to remind individuals about the open positions that are now available.


What applications can you find for this idea?

It is encouraged that you publish unedited backstage images without fear. Make use of them in the promotion of your upcoming events, and consider turning some of them into presentations for the people who will be attending. Put on display for everyone to see how you truly do your job! This helps establish closer the relationship between employees and companies. Additionally, your employees that are featured in the images have the opportunity to feel like heroes of the brand. Win-win.


#5 Cisco: Shaping the Future of the World

The company Cisco is frequently cited as an excellent illustration of employer branding done correctly. When it comes to providing and organizing tools for people who are interested in working for the company in the future, the career page on their website does an excellent job. They make it simple to distribute the content across a variety of social networking networks. In addition to that, they provide visitors a straightforward navigation system that guides them through all of the available career opportunities and fundamentals. Additionally, success stories of Cisco’s staff members are included on the home page. These employees express their perspectives on what it’s like to work for Cisco. The visitor can easily access every single significant feature that is included.


What applications can you find for this idea?

Establish your objectives. Every single element on Cisco’s page contributes to this overarching goal of encouraging visitors to submit an application for the position. Make achieving your goal the primary focus of the activity. Prepare the location, the prelections, and the extras in advance so that they can tell a logical story and direct the attendees to the appropriate course of action. It may be anything as simple as scheduling an interview, or as involved as leaving their unique resume or broadcasting a live video in their social media stream. The outcome is entirely predicated on the aim that was set.


As you prepare the location for the event, check to see that all of the essential components, such as stands and supplies, are within easy reach. Place them in a prominent location within the primary foyer of your venue. Visitors should have little trouble locating any and all souvenirs, starting packs, and other related items.


#5 Starbucks – Strabuks… Starbaks… Nevermind. On your social media accounts, you will continue to post examples of your name spelled incorrectly.

It’s possible that the third location, which comes after home and work, won’t be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a fantastic employer branding plan. Starbucks possesses an exceptionally powerful communication strategy, as seen by the fact that the company runs employer branding accounts on social media sites like as Twitter and Instagram. Only for the purpose of communicating with current and prospective workers does Starbucks use the platforms described above.


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