How to install the digital certificate on an Android mobile

Today we are going to explain how the digital certificate is installed on a mobile with the Android operating system.

If you have ever tried to carry out any type of procedure with the Treasury or with the DGT, surely you have observed that it can be done using the digital certificate on the mobile.

This is a type of file that the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre provides us to install in those entities that use it to allow you to identify yourself.

Mobile devices with Android are also able to use this certificate for administration applications such as the DGT , where we carry our driving license, as well as information about our vehicle.

If you don’t know how to use it on your Android device, don’t worry, because right now we are going to tell you.

The certificates

Currently we can talk about the fact that there are two types of certificates that we can have on the mobile.

It is convenient to know them and differentiate them to know what we can dedicate each one of them to.

  • Client certificates: they are those that identify us on web pages offering a more powerful type of security. They are generally used in places where the entrance must be very secure, such as the procedures we carry out in the public administration. In other words, with these certificates we ensure one hundred percent that we are the ones executing this access and this operation.
  • Root certificates : they are certificates that are associated with who has issued it, that is, they are those that can be associated with other certificates in order to function. We could install them in browsers for when we enter certain places where they can request them, just to make sure that you can enter and once inside they may even ask us for a client certificate to identify us.

root certificate

Before performing any action, we must install a root certificate of the authority that we are going to use its services.

We must follow these steps:

  • The best thing is to go to Settings and then click on Security .
  • After that we enter Encryption and credentials .
  • At that moment we click on Trusted credentials and we will see all certificates of our Android.
  • Many times there will be no search engine so we must go down until we find a certificate that says FNMT .

Now we must enter the FNMT Root Certificate website .

Once there, if you get an error, don’t worry, since you don’t have the certificate, this can happen. Just click on Advanced and continue to the web.

  • Then we download the FNMT Root CA by clicking on Download FNMT-RCM Root CA certificate.
  • Android should automatically open with the certificate installer . If not, we go to downloads and click on the file.
  • It only remains for us to click on Accept and it will install it.

Obtain the digital certificate

Depending on the organization that we are going to use, the certificate may be different, but the normal thing is that with the digital certificate issued by the Spanish FMNT it is sufficient for many actions.

There are two ways to obtain the digital certificate of the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, one through a website and another thanks to another website with the DNIe .

Once we have covered numerous data, we will need to go to a physically authorized registry office to certify our identity.

After that we can download the personal certificate and password .

Install digital certificate on Android mobile

To install the digital certificate on our Android mobile, we must put it inside its root directory or in one that you know and remember what it is. 

This type of certificate will be a . PFX or P12.

  • Once we have the file on the mobile, it is time to go to the directory where we save it using a file manager and click on it to open the Android certificate installer.
  • If it does not work, we must go to Settings> Security> Encryption and credentials> Install certificates> User certificate and then look for it in the folder where we saved it and select it .
  • At that moment, it asks us for the password to extract the certificate and we click on Accept.
  • Then it asks us to give it a name, to then click on Accept.
  • We will see how in the lower part it says that the certificate has been installed. As simple as that.

Now you know everything you have to do to have the digital certificate on the mobile with the Android operating system.

It is very simple as you have just seen the fact of having the digital certificate on the mobile to use it when we need it.



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