How to Attract Qualified Traffic? 4 Golden Rules

Do you know what a horse dealer, an industrial mechanics sales manager and a painter have in common? They all know that when it is the customer who solicits them, the sale has a good chance of being concluded under the best conditions. Qualified traffic is exactly the same mechanism, but on the scale of hundreds of millions of Internet users. These are prospects who arrive on your site through the main entrance of the Google search engine, after typing a query that interests them.


It goes without saying that this type of consumer has already advanced the heating work necessary for the sale, since he knows his needs better. This user therefore more willing to convert than following the reading of an advertisement, which fell on his screen at a time when he was not ready to think about it. However, this audience that everyone loves has a major drawback: it is much more demanding than the others! This is why playing the organic attendance card requires some prior knowledge. Want to avoid odds? We are going to give you 4 golden rules to attract qualified traffic and above all… To keep it! Let’s go!

Have real expertise to gain the trust of your audience

Are you selling a physical product, information, service or service? In any case, the prospect who arrives by himself on your site has a lot of expectations. If the promise is not kept at the end of the race, the best optimization in the world will not be able to prevent the drop in the number of clicks. To create abundant organic traffic, we will need to earn the trust of the audience in the long run, with real added value.


You could compare your site organization and content to a beautiful wrapper of cakes and your expertise to cakes. If the customer looking at the box expects an explosion of flavors and finds the interior empty, he will flee! Your brand identity (your personal branding) and your content are comparable to this packaging: they highlight your product, but do not fill the box.


Do you want qualified traffic, with reliable prospects and for a long time? Optimization only facilitates the meeting between a specific need and your solution, on a very large scale. So, if the quality of your product is there and you want to increase visits to your media, a beautiful story can begin!

opt for quality content to boost impressions

Just like the initial expertise, your content must be of top quality to attract a loyal audience. Indeed, the latest updates from Google tell us that the algorithm tracks down and sanctions low cost and artificial practices (backlinking campaign type, keywords hidden in the body of the text, spam, etc.). Why? Because the American giant has understood that it is the ultra-relevance of its results, for the user experience (UX), which makes it the undisputed leader of search engines.


Used by 90% of Internet users around the world, Google is an authority figure that we consider essential in our daily lives. We trust him in all areas of expertise. His obsession would be to disappoint us with bad practices! It therefore seeks to facilitate our navigation by all means and to give us reliable information about ghost writers, with ever more intuitive, fluid and accurate processes.

A quality article to attract qualified traffic must:

  • be flawless in spelling, grammar and syntax;
  • bring real information to the reader, with clear answers to queries;
  • represent a trademark and a community of spirit;
  • provide reliable sources;
  • invite the reader to stay on the media;
  • integrate keywords harmoniously, keeping a pleasant style;
  • clearly lead to the desired action (click on a link, like, convert, etc.).

This demand for quality, constantly refined by the algorithm, shows that we cannot do without a human brain, capable of feeling and intelligence, to boost our organic visits. Only one intuition can speak to another intuition! This is where the SEO Web Editor can make THE difference.

Mastering SEO and attracting qualified traffic

What exactly is SEO? It’s Search Engine Optimization in English, in other words, it’s the art of being at the top of the results on Google. It’s the best way to be visible and get a high click-through rate (CPC). To be competitive in SEO, you must constantly respect Google’s rules of the game and the real needs of your community. The SEO Web Editor, in addition to writing quality texts, will also master a precise optimization technique.

In short, his job will consist of:

  • tag the texts in HTML language, to indicate the structure to the algorithm;
  • determine the keywords to work on to rank on a maximum of requests;
  • make low search volume queries popular;
  • carry out SEO audits to orient oneself in the event of a redesign or creation (lower the bounce rate, reformulate articles, etc.);
  • strengthen the internal and external ecosystem;
  • analyze the results progressively to make optimum adjustments.

The particularity of SEO is the empirical dimension. There is no exact science to boost your organic traffic, only concrete results in experience. This is why sensitivity is essential in addition to technicality. Once the qualified traffic has arrived on your doorstep, all that remains is to keep it! Let’s take a closer look!

Leverage a powerful ecosystem to convert your traffic

In Hitch, Expert in Seduction, the voice-over explains that there is a foolproof method to verify that one has correctly seduced a person. Until the first kiss, if everything has been perfect, the seducer travels 50% of the way to the lips of his partner. It is the other who must conclude. Well, with your customers, it’s the same. When they take action (the kiss), it means that the seduction process has been successfully completed. This strategy towards your goal, that’s the ecosystem! So how do you create a strong ecosystem?

We vary the content and we work on their mesh

On the Web, diversification makes it possible to bring in prospects from eclectic places (social networks, blog, site, YouTube, etc.). The advantage is the multiplication of the chances of pleasing. The other benefit is to tell Google that you are an authority figure in your field. If you are able to disseminate your expertise on any type of medium, you will be indexed faster. It will be difficult to dethrone you from the places of choice!

We combine the tonality and the formats of the articles

If viral content can boost optimization, it is not a sustainable business. To stay ahead in terms of inventiveness, it is better to combine tones (humorous, informative, marketing, sensational) and formats (buzz articles, product descriptions, blog posts, short copywriting sentences combined with an image, etc.). With this trick, you will always satisfy the expectations and moods of your audience!

We dose well between SEO and SEA

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) corresponds to paid search results, recognizable by the ad mention at the top of a search tab. Just like SEO, there is no denying its effectiveness in attracting traffic, but not qualified for it. What to do? Respect a balance in its strategy and take advantage of each of the visibilities. Advertising is commercial packaging that is only effective with presentable content. Okay, but building a content ecosystem takes time.

If you manage to be on point on all these aspects, it’s a winning combo to explode your views!

Dear web-entrepreneur, you have reached the end of this article. If all goes well, you should see more clearly and at the same time tell yourself that it’s work. Absolutely! But rest assured, you did not arrive here by chance.


On the Redact du Web, high-end and human editors (with their feeling and their intelligence) are there to accompany you. Are you looking for THE pearl to optimize your blog or your site? Have you decided to play the SEO card to attract qualified traffic? Do not hesitate to go to our talents sections and build a team in 5 minutes, your happiness awaits you!


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