Google keeps the pulse of Apple and Samsung

If you are looking for a Google phone with a good camera and reliable software, look no further.

Little by little and over several years, Google has been opening a gap in the market for its mobile phones, and it has done so with an argument above all: the fluidity of Android on its devices is excellent, and it has been for many years, with a fairly fast and long update cycle.

Not only that, but the Pixels boast of having very good cameras, especially due to Google’s image processing, which maximizes the results both day and night. Now there is a new round of launches, including the Pixel 7, which has an official price of 748 euros, but which you can temporarily buy much cheaper.

Amazon, like other distributors, sells a pack with the Pixel 7 and the Pixel Buds A for only 649 euros, so the price of the mobile as such does not even reach 600 euros. Not bad at all, especially if we take into account that the user experience is outstanding with Google mobiles.

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It is clearly the rival within Android of the high-end Samsung Galaxy and other brands such as OnePlus or Oppo, but it also aspires to look Apple and the iPhone in the face, smoothing out the rough edges that Android generates in different manufacturers, which equip their own layers of customization and make the operating system not work as well as it should.

This Amazon offer has another advantage, and that is that if you are thinking of the mobile as a King’s Gift, it will arrive before the 5th, especially if you have an Amazon Prime account.

Undoubtedly it is a safe bet if you want to give a mobile and you do not know which one but the budget does not reach you for the more than 1,000 euros that the flagships of almost all brands already cost, starting with Apple, but also by the main ones of Android.

The price is exactly the same in all the colors in which it is for sale, both in white, black or green, all of them aesthetically very attractive.

The Pixel Buds A are also very good Bluetooth headphones, with active noise cancellation and quite remarkable sound. If you wanted to buy them separately, you would have to pay about 100 euros, so it’s not bad that they are included with the phone.

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