Developers from all over the games industry debunk unfair criticisms of early GTA 6 visuals

Facepalm: While some were excited to see leaked pictures and video of Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, others found it an opportunity to bag on the developers and nitpick the game’s graphics, saying that what we saw is what we’ll get. Game developers responded with proof that such sentiments are completely unfounded.

The Grand Theft Auto 6 megaleak didn’t just spawn piles of DMCA takedown notices and an FBI investigation. It also brought out the armchair game designers who complained about the game’s visuals. One complaint, in particular, sparked a flurry of counter-tweets from developers.

On September 19, shortly after GTA 6 images and videos leaked, a Twitter user going by AvgGuy (@Design4Mind317) tweeted:

“If you knew how game development goes, you’d know that visuals are one of the first things done. This game is 4 years into planning & development. What you see is almost exactly what you will get. The next year is mission coding and debugging. All backend stuff. It does look ass [sic]”

guy made his Twitter account private shortly afterward, presumably out of embarrassment and shade-throwing DMs, but not before Know Your Meme captured it for posterity.

The post whipped the industry into a frenzy, with real developers from all over the AAA and indie gaming sectors tweeting, “Graphics are the first thing finished in a video game,” followed by examples proving that statement is patently untrue.

Remedy’s Paul Ehret, the lead designer of a little game called Control, pointed out that his game won multiple awards for its visuals, then supplied a clip of some pre-alpha gameplay showing the game’s graphics were quite rough around the edges.


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