Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications

My Vinyasa Practice Online YTT is a beautiful course produced by Michelle Young of Austin, Texas. You will get the same quality training and immediate feedback as an in-studio YTT while saving money.


A certified Eating Recovery and Cardiac Rehabilitation Yoga Therapist, Michelle started her yoga practice in 2004. There are three levels of YTTs available (Yoga Teacher Training)


The 200-hour YTT Michelle created is ideal for beginners who want to expand their practice and study Yoga Teacher Training in the comfort of their own home and on their schedule read more here,


As an alternative to conventional in-studio instruction, Michelle has ensured that the online program retains the integrity of training, in-depth learning, and customized experience.

The My Vinyasa Online Yoga Instructor Training Includes What?


Lectures pre-recorded and written

Michelle’s recorded sessions

Mentor feedback directly

200-Hour YTT

MVP Access Group Meditations

100s of pre-made sequences

Light on Yoga

Yoga Sutras e-book

And more.


YTT 200 from My Vinyasa Practice is self-paced. The content is forever available, and you’ll join a fast expanding community with roots in this amazing studio!


Final Thoughts: There are numerous reasons to become a yoga teacher. After completing the curriculum, students (who become instructors!) may teach individual, group, and corporate customers. In addition, it prepares students for the studio, gym, retreat, and clinical teaching.

A fantastic course at a reasonable price, My Vinyasa is our top choice for Online YTT.

Yogic Uplift

Next on our list is Uplifted Yoga’s Online Yoga Teacher Training with Brett Larkin. Brett is the creator of the popular yoga YouTube channel with over 400K followers. She’s also a seasoned teacher trainer who has specialized in online yoga teacher training since 2015. This is the most high-touch yoga certification available online with live, 4-month cohorts and plenty of structure and responsibility. In addition, you will be a member of their community via live video conferencing.

What Is Included In The My Uplifted Yoga Teacher Training?


Video material through the Uplifted app and a 600-page print handbook sent to you.

A carefully designed Live Call experience with responsibility, community, and caring support – graduate in 4 months.

The materials and resources you study are yours forever. Yoga Teachers in training frequently want to refer to their course materials, yet they are unavailable.

Not just the research methods benefit. Aside from the online convenience, this course focuses on several critical aspects of being a well-rounded yoga instructor. Among the main areas of emphasis are:


Interactive Online Yoga Teacher Training — A 4-month training program with a group of other students. Everyone graduates. No one is left out. That’s why even online classes have a cap.

Yoga Beyond the Mat: Explore the Sutras, Tantra, and your inner instructor and style.

Focus on Fascia in Demand: Brett’s team incorporates teachings on the fascia, the “missing link of contemporary medicine,” into the training.

The Subtle Body is not simply a physical exercise. The learning will also include an anatomical understanding of the subtle body: chakras, koshas, and bandhas.

Meditation: Of course, the mind-body connection is essential in yoga. This course will teach you more about meditation and help you create your unique style.

To paraphrase Brett, “yoga teachers must be smart about how they use their time and earn money.” And, having a profitable and sustainable company is essential to continuing to share your practice and passion for yoga.

Starting to completion, it took around 16 weeks (4 months).

Last Words:

The Uplifted Course also provides a few other essential qualities to its students that make it stand out:


In addition, to live video chats with students, Brett and her staff provide

They allow students to teach via webcam.

Finally, they send each student a well-organized printed handbook with exciting worksheets.

Yoga Ithaca

Another excellent course. The Radiant Online Yoga Instructor Training by Yoga Ithaca attains out for the high level of student involvement and Mindfulness. Also, this program is approved by Yoga Alliance!


Yoga Farm Ithaca thinks that today more than ever, Yoga Teachers need to be prepared to manage a yoga studio and promote attentive practices like Mindfulness and meditation.

What Is Radiant Warrior Yoga Teacher Training?

The Radiant Warrior curriculum includes Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, and Mindfulness. That confidence to teach in front of a class and in front of a camera, which is a beautiful tool in our changing times when so much of our interaction may be across states, nations, and seas.


Throughout this Online Yoga Teacher Training, you will be engaged with the Yoga Farm Ithaca team. They created a course that is both self-paced and highly engaging.



Among the subjects addressed in the carefully chosen and ordered training courses are:






Mindfulness in Schools


Good Inquiry


Yoga teacher ethics




Breakdown, practice, and teaching of Asana


And more.

Lastly, the Yoga Farm Ithaca team has created a community that you may join long after your program is over.


Time: This program is often 12 weeks long, with payment options available.


Final Thoughts: Their personnel is genuine and dedicated to helping you. Radiant Warrior Online Yoga Teacher Training is one of our top selections because of their devotion to each student.

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