Apple confirms that the iPhone camera has Sony technology

To say that the iPhone camera is the best on the market is something quite widespread and accepted throughout the world. It is a fact that its competitors try to achieve the sharpness and quality offered by the photos of the Apple smartphone, but it seems that the secret does not lie with Tim Cook’s company, but rather that the success behind the camera lies with Sony’s sensors. that have been used for more than 10 years in these phones.


There is hardly any doubt that the iPhone is the model to follow when it comes to mobile telephony, obviously colors are for everyone’s taste, and there are indeed many other quality options that are perfect for certain users. But it cannot be denied that most manufacturers take Apple models as an example when manufacturing both the exterior and interior of their smartphones.

As a general rule, Apple maintains certain secrecy with the hardware components of its devices, for example, on its website you can only see the specifications of the camera referring to resolution or aperture, but never the components used themselves.

That is why it was surprising when Tim Cook himself, CEO of Apple, revealed one of the components of the iPhone from his own Twitter account. Specifically, it is about the camera sensors of this smartphone, and what is new is that they are not from Apple, but are manufactured by Sony.

Indeed, this is not entirely a surprise since in the past it had already been speculated that Sony had contributed to the cameras of previous versions of the iPhone. In addition, Sony is considered the market leader when it comes to image sensors, so it is more than logical that Apple requires the services of best for its flagship product.

We have been able to find out all this from Cook himself after he visited the Sony facilities in the Japanese city of Kumamoto. This visit not only has not discovered that the iPhone camera uses Sony sensors, but also predicts that the relationship between the two will continue they are already working on a new series of sensors to capture more light and reduce both overexposure and underexposure.

It should be noted that, although it is now known that the iPhone uses Sony sensors, it does not mean that any phone that uses them offers a quality equal to that of the Apple smartphone, since today it is Artificial Intelligence and computational photography that allows these to be achieved. levels.

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